NumberYearThemeCongress Organizers
119721. Problem of Cancer in Sierra Leone
2. Road Traffic Accidents
Dr E.A Olu Williams
21974AbortionDr D.J.O Robin-Coker
31976Mental Health
Sickle Cell Disease
Dr E.C. Gooding
41977Malignant DiseasesDr D.R Lisk
51978Tropical DiseasesDr M. Wright
61979Legal Aspect of Medicine
Cardiac Diseases
Dr L, Gordon Harris
71980Genitourinary DiseasesDr V. R. Willoughby
The Physically Disabled
Complications of Medical Practice
Dr S.U.M Jah
91982Gastrointestinal Diseases
Dr E.A. Nahim
101983Obstetrics Practice in Sierra Leone
Reflections of 10 years of medical Practice
Executive Committee
111984Traditional Medicine
Misuse of Drugs in Sierra Leone
Dr Sheku T Kamara
121985The role of Private Practice in Sierra Leone
Infections in Childhood
The Social aspect of paediatric practice in sierra Leone
Dr K.N.E Jones
131986Emergency in Medical Practice
Medical education in Sierra Leone
Cholera and Other Diarrhea Diseases in Freetown
Dr A.M Kosia
141987Primary Health Care
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Degenerative diseases
Dr M. Baila Leigh
151988Health and the Environment
Diseases of the nervous system in the tropics
Dr Desmond A Wright
161989Recent advances in the management of Diseases in the tropics
Workshop on the diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis
Dr P.K Lavahum
171990Population control and family planning
Medicine in the elderly
Dr M.L.E Asgill
181991Effect of economy on health
Women in Health Development
Dr Mike Kamara
191992A Healthy environment
Acute Respiratory infections
Medical education in Sierra Leone
Dr (Lt. Col.) Allie Kanu
201993Safe Motherhood
Emergency Medicine
Dr Dnald E. Harding
211994The Medical and Psychosocial aspect o the Rebel War
Symposium on Tuberculosis
Dr M.L. Baryoh
221995 Adolescent Health
Symposium on malignant Disease
Dr Virginia George
231996Drug Abuse
Symposium on infertility and medical and aspect of rehabilitation
Dr Abu M. Mason
241998Maternal and infant motalityDr Samuel A.S. Kargbo
251999Medical practice in Armed Conflict
Medical practice in Sierra Leone- past present and future
Dr Samuel A.S. Kargbo
262000HIV and Reproductive Health
Lassa fever
Dr. Jibao D. Sandy
272001Reproductive Health HIV/AIDS
Medical Ethics
Dr Francis Smart
282002National Health PolicyThe Executive
292003Maternal Mortality
Health Manpower Situation in Sierra Leone-The Way forward
HIV/AIDS oral health
The Executive
302004Reemerging Epidemic Diseases in Sierra Leone
Palliative Care
Dr Daphne C. Pearce
312005Childhood Under Treat
The Sierra Leone Medical Practitioners and Dental Surgeons Act 1994
Dr. Patrick Don Davies
322006Human Rights and Ethics in Medical Practice
ACTS Malaria in Pregnancy
Dr. Patrick Don Davies
332007HIV/AIDS in Sierra Leone- Prevention, Treatment, Cure and Support.
Scope and Trend of Medical Practice
Dr Modupeh Cole
342008Drug Abuse and its impact in Sierra Leone
Occupational Health
Dr Rosemarie F. Ngongou
352009The Upsurge of Cardiovascular Disease in Sierra Leone
Eye and Poverty
Dr Angella Hancils
362010Surveillance of Epidemic Prone Diseases in Sierra Leone
Current Trends in the Management of Hypertension and Diabetes
Dr Aminata Wurie
372011Neonatal and Child Health Care In Sierra Leone: Progress, Challenges and Prospects
Childlessness in Sierra Leone
Dr Ronita Luke
382012Scaling up of Malaria Prevention and Control Interventions in Sierra Leone; Progress, Challenges and Prospects
Dental/ENT Emergencies in Sierra Leone
Dr J. Jackson-Cole
392013Achieving the MDG’s in Sierra Leone: A critical Look at the Health Workforce
Medical Ethics and Medical Jurisprudence
Dr Morenike Nelson-Williams
Dr Rashidatu F. Kamara
402015Building Health System Strengthening and Resilience through Community Engagement with the support of Public and Private Doctors
Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence
The Executive
412017Medical Preparedness for Natural Disasters
Rational Use of Anti-Platelet Drugs
Dr Valarie John Cole
422018Quality Assurance in Healthcare- The Key to Achieving Good Health and Wellbeing
Cancer Treatment in Sierra Leone: Challenges and Oppotunities
Dr Melvina C. Thompson
432019Global Health Security- The Sierra Leone PerspectiveDr Melvina C. Thompson
Dr Frances M.T. Sesay